ThermalBuck: A Valuable Tool in Your High Performance Building Kit

Small Planet Supply is pleased to announce we now distribute ThermalBuck, the high performance window buck.

Continuous exterior insulation has many advantages both for new construction and retrofits.

  • Minimizes thermal bridging between exterior and interior through conductive structural elements

  • Provides extra insulating value above and beyond code-minimum insulation.

  • Reduction in moisture related damage by insulating possible condensation surfaces (i.e. sheathing).

Thermal Buck Offers a Structural Sound Insulation Solution

Until now, there hasn’t been an adequate solution for window and door detailing using continuous insulation. Plywood bucks were widely used, but offered poor performance. ThermalBuck offers a structurally sound, insulation solution. Mount your windows as ‘outie’ windows using the ThermalBuck system, or set them back to be in the middle of the whole wall r-value. Either way, performance is significantly increased using ThermalBuck.

ThermalBuck is available 8 foot pieces in sizes accommodating 1 in-4 in of exterior continuous insulation. Thermal Buck works great with any exterior rigid insulation, Rigid Cork Insulating Panels, Mineral Wool, EPS, XPS, PolyISO, etc.

ThermalBuck is available in our online store. For larger project-quantity orders, contact us and we can arrange a quote.